Does School Start Early?

29 Apr , 2014  

Do you think your school is starting way early for you? Are you getting lack of sleep because of it? Take a look at this news report from the American Academic of Pediatrics who says delaying school may help teens get more rest. 


As the lazy days of summer give way to the painful reality of pre-dawn alarms, many kids are beginning their descent into chronic school-year sleep deprivation. More…

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Balance your Life

29 Apr , 2014  


Don’t know how to balance your life with work? Here are some great tips that will help get you started!

1. Set Goals And Prioritize

A life without goals is like wind without direction. You may be going somewhere, but that sure isn’t where you ought to go. To live a high achieving, and at the same time fulfilling life, you should keep a clear account of your goals. More…

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