5 things I learned yesterday

11 Nov , 2015  


Yesterday, I attended Rogers Talks in Toronto and listened to a number of very interesting speakers. Joseph Mimran and Peter van Stolk were two of the dynamic, inspirational powerhouse’s who reinforced what it takes to be successful in business, whether you are an entrepreneur, whether you work for someone else or whether you are just trying to get ahead personally. More…

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37% of Us Are Bullied at Work

14 Sep , 2015  

I can remember sitting on the lou at 11pm one Saturday night, holding my cell phone with one hand and covering the mouthpiece with a towel to muffle the sounds, nervously listening More…

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Balance your Life

29 Apr , 2014  


Don’t know how to balance your life with work? Here are some great tips that will help get you started!

1. Set Goals And Prioritize

A life without goals is like wind without direction. You may be going somewhere, but that sure isn’t where you ought to go. To live a high achieving, and at the same time fulfilling life, you should keep a clear account of your goals. More…

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Three Things To Focus On

29 Apr , 2014  

Performance management is basically a system of different processes that combine to create an effective workforce within your company that can effectively reach your business goals. There are many different aspects of performance management, but in most cases it can be broken down into a few simple steps. More…

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