Tips for entry-level job seekers

16 Jan , 2015  


Landing your first entry-level job after college is no small feat: it can take plenty of time, discipline, and confidence to get your foot in the door. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and in need of direction or you feel confident in your search, it’s always good to hear pointers from people who have been in the same position you’re in now. We took a look at a Quora thread that shed light on important things to do and not to do during this transitional period in your life. More…

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How to think faster, better on your feet

9 Jan , 2015  

Life coach Gail Blanke went to acting school to learn to improvise in any situation. Turns out the tricks that actors use on stage can help you score a date, land a job — or just make any conversation more engaging. More…

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Christmas Revision tips for Students

12 Dec , 2014  

The Christmas holidays are upon us; a time for socialising, partying and… revising. Unfortunately. But your festive break need not be a whirlwind of stress, essays and panicking – there’s still time for plenty of merriment along with the stacks of revision. More…

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Top 10 Study Tips: Avoid Social Media and other Distractions

3 Dec , 2014  

Pretty student girl talking on the phone.

Students are being warned to avoid the distractions of social media and text messaging if they want to succeed in their upcoming Year 12 exams. More…

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10 Exam Preparation Study Tips

28 Nov , 2014  

Asian muslim and laptop thinking at class

Preparing for exams? Give yourself the best chance with these top ten study tips. More…

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College’s Personality Quiz Gauges students’ potential

31 Oct , 2014  

Happy smiling portrait of Young Indian/Asian group of people looking at camera, smiling and celebrating. Isolated on white background.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology enrollment chief Jim Goecker does not care who your hero is.

It does not matter to him which book most changed your life, or how you describe a place that’s meaningful to you in no more than 650 words.

What he really wants to know is how confident you are in making yourself successful. More…


Handwriting Styles and Your Personality

29 Oct , 2014  

hand over paper making notes

Ever wondered what your handwriting style say about you? Take a look at this blog and find out what your handwriting style really mean!

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TED Talk to get a good night sleep

22 Oct , 2014  

Young beautiful woman sleeping with book on the sofa at home

This TED Talk will give u a very good reason to have a good night sleep!


TED Talk for Success

8 Oct , 2014  

beautiful female african american university student

Find out the 8 secrets of success by listening to this short TED Talk video.

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