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29 Apr , 2014  


Don’t know how to balance your life with work? Here are some great tips that will help get you started!

1. Set Goals And Prioritize

A life without goals is like wind without direction. You may be going somewhere, but that sure isn’t where you ought to go. To live a high achieving, and at the same time fulfilling life, you should keep a clear account of your goals. One way to keep track of your goals is to write them down, as it helps in achieving clarity of the mind. Your goals should be clear, simple, attainable, and smart.


2. Structure  Your Work

You should structure your work into a number of small and measurable tasks. Bringing structure to your work will help bring certainty to your world. It will rightly help you in concentrating your physical, mental and emotional energies to work.

3. Time Management

Time is critical in an office space, where work needs to be packaged as quickly as possible. While in an office place, remember to not touch projects that consume too much time, and result in very little result. These are low pay off projects and should be avoided as they are a waste of precious time. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that while perfection is a highly desired quality, it is also deeply demanding. So don’t fret yourself on perfection, instead, try to achieve excellence. That is ‘good’ enough!

4. Be Better Trained

The better trained you are at your job, the more prepared and ‘in control’ of situations you feel. That is why, you should constantly try to increase your knowledge about your line of work, so that you can deal with the demands of the job more easily.

5. Take Holidays and Long Weekends

After putting in long and hectic hours of work, you definitely deserve a break. Take long weekends off once in a while and travel to reclaim your life.

6. Reward Yourself Often

In the daily grind, we often forget to reward ourselves of our small achievements. To keep the motivation going and to feel happy about your little victories, you should reward yourself often. ­­­It could be with a decadent dessert, a fabulous date, a small holiday, a new iPhone – anything that makes you happy.

7. Stay Healthy

You are going to be working for another thirty years of your life, maybe even more. To get yourself going, you should take extra care of your health, and even indulge in a little bit of exercise. It will keep you fit and happy.

8. Be Positive, Enthusiastic And Passionate

Even if things don’t go your way, don’t sulk over them. Remind yourself that you are going to get past it. Look forward to new challenges and be positive about the directions your career is taking.

9. Love Your Job

You can’t be a success in anything you do without putting your heart into it. You have to put your heart in the work and the work in your heart.

10. Enjoy The Journey

The journey is going to be tough, long and tiring. But it’s definitely going to be fun. Keep going!


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